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Corporate Karma - bringing soul back to business

The most successful companies worldwide are driven by a purpose and mission that go well beyond their balance sheet. Corporate Karma is an outlook for business leaders looking to discover, unleash and harness their companies emotional profit centre through a strategic corporate philanthropy program. Corporate means to me "a body of persons united for a specific purpose" and Karma is nothing but "you reap what you sow". People should not be thinking of making money but make meaning or sense, make a difference, change the world,

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A Good Organisation

I've always believed in this as an organisation, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it. Dee Hock In a healthy organisation, employees and supervisors have the same goals, and everyone enjoys a feeling of inclusion and participation. Ideally, managers in a well-run organisation listen to the ideas put forth by subordinates. By paying attention to signs of a superior organisational culture, an organisation can stay on track and accomplish its mission. These factors as I

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Our Secret of Success

It's important for companies to strike a healthy balance between remaining profitable and treating their employees well. Without employees, a company is limited in its ability to provide good customer service and realize its future goals. Some businesses choose to eliminate employees in order to cut costs and save money. However, this may hurt a company's bottom line in the long run. While automation, the use of control systems that minimize human intervention, is useful in some instances, it cannot replace the necessity of human interactions

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Business Process Services

IT Enabled services (ITES), also called web enabled services or remote services or Tele-working, covers the entire gamut of operations which exploit Information Technology for improving efficiency of an organization. These services provide a wide range of career options that include opportunities in call centers, medical transcription, medical billing and coding, back office operations; revenue claims processing, legal databases, content development, payrolls, logistics management, GIS (Geographical Information System), HR services, web services etc. At Stackhelix we enable SME’s with: Tele-Marketing & Sales Programs Helpdesk Customer

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